Latest LG 360 CAM celebrates World Environment day by showing key landmarks in 360 deg

LG has decided to celebrate World Environment Day, falling on June 5 this year, showing 360 degree shooting videos from various places of the world, created using LG 360 CAM.

LG 360 CAM was one of LG G5 friends which was introduced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. Users will be able to see 360 ​​videos using the YouTube app is wearing a VR headset such as Google Galaxy VR or even cardboard. You can also view videos on your Chrome browser on YouTube, but of course you have to use the mouse to move to change the viewing angle.

According to LG, the video focuses on the importance of the protection of UNESCO World Heritage sites. LG also said that its employees around the world will participate in many activities to show solidarity with the objectives of the World Day of the United Nations Environment.

“By using these advanced tools to capture the most famous sites of world heritage in a new way, we aim to inspire people today to protect these wonderful treasures for generations to come,” said Lee Choong- hak, President and Chief support Office LG companies.

The two minute videos show famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, Red Square and many others. These videos were taken with an LG CAM 360 which has two 13MP sensors on each side that can capture images and videos from all directions. It comes with a 1200mAh battery, which allows you to take up to 70 minutes of footage.

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