Launching: Asus to host a Zenvolution event on 30 May may launch Zenfone 3

Asus has launched a countdown to his Zenvolution event on 30 May, a day before Computex 2016 Kickoff. Zenvolution. The event will happen in Taipei, will also be broadcast live on the Asus site.

Ausus Zenfone 3 Gadgets Exhibition

Although the site does not mention which products will be launched, Asus and Intel branding on it is a dead giveaway. We will be more like to see the launch of Zenfone 3 rumors have already started circulating online. The other product category may include ZenPad tablets. We can also see new launches and ZenWatch, Zenbook.

Zenfone 3 reports went around online since last December. According to a report from Digi Times, a source indicated that Asus was likely to adopt fingerprint recognition solutions developed by Taiwan-based Elan Microelectronics and Goodix based in China for its next Zenfone 3. According to a previous report, the Asus Zenfone 3 will sport ports like USB-C, says CEO Jonney Shih.

Zenfone 3 leak pictures have also appeared online. Whereas it has been over a year since the launch Zenfone 2, it is difficult to guess that Zenfone 3 would be launched at the end of this month. It will most likely features Android 6.0 OS with Marshmallow ZenUI OS Asus placed on it. Expect multiple variants of the Zenfone 3 though. We will know more on May 30.

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